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The highly anticipated music video "STAY HOME" is now live on all major platforms



Thousands of children are at home as a result of stay-at-home orders across the nation in the wake of the Coronavirus, (COVID-19), global pandemic. Being shut-in for a little while can be fun, but for many kids, self-isolating is probably starting to drive them and their parents a little stir-crazy.

Well, six-year-old Austin Perine, who eventually wants to become President of the United States one day, has come up with a solution for the ever-mounting cabin-fever-his own exercise routine to pass the time and stay healthy!

Austin Perine is a Superhero and Homeless advocate also known as 'President Austin'. Before the Coronavirus (COVID-19) his quest to help the homeless started when he put on his cape and used his toy money to buy food for those in need in his hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. His appearance on Steve Hartman's "On the Road" for CBS News raised the awareness of the homeless crisis in America and demonstrated how a child’s simple message of SHOWING LOVE can change the world. 

Austin traveled the country feeding the homeless and continues to spread his message of helping others and across multiple platforms ranging from the United States, France, Spain, and Africa. Austin is also one of the youngest people ever to receive the "Spear" community award from the Vulcan Park Foundation in Birmingham (A very high honor), and was named one of the five most inspiring heroes from CNN's "Impact Your World" series.  Austin's main goal and mission is to continue to work hard to help our nation and hopes one day to become President of the United States. 

A scene from Austin's highly anticipated music video "STAY HOME." World premiere coming soon!

Austin feeding the homeless before the pandemic

Media Coverage

Austin and dad Terance Perine

Austin Perine also wrote a kids book Based on a true story, 'President Austin' is a children's book about practicing kindness and showing love. It's a tale that teaches kids (and adults) how to be the superhero each and every one of us has the potential to be.​


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