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Nadira Pankey Films

Be on the lookout for actor @andrewrmccallister in the upcoming film

"Gerald's Hands," written and directed by @nadira_pankey

Gerald's Hand is an inspirational drama about an autistic man striving to maintain his relationships.

Written & Directed by Nadira “Naz” Pankey

Nadira Pankey is an Atlanta, Georgia-based award-winning screenwriter, and filmmaker who was raised in the South Bronx, New York during the crack epidemic. She spent her childhood surviving child abuse, sexual abuse, and homelessness. Today she holds a degree in Media Studies and Television Production. Pankey worked on several syndicated television shows such as The Steve Wilkos Show, Jerry Springer, Maury, Divorce Court, BET, and Netflix. Her accomplishments range from publishing her first book, “Evergreen Uprooted,” to writing, producing, and directing her first feature movie, “Gerald's Hands." With a slate of content that ranges from inspirational drama to Afro-futurism, Pankey embodies the type of person that is gifted, driven, and dedicated to creating content that will touch and inspire the world. For more info about the phenomenal Nadira Pankey check out


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