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Founded in 2017, LV Magazine has remained one of the most sought out publications to introduce new entrepreneurs and budding artists. With the success of LV Magazine came LV Magazine Teen, LV Magazine Kids, and LV Magazine Babies.

In addition to our magazines, we also offer publishing services for authors.

If you've thought about writing a book, we can help you through the publishing process. Let our experts handle editing, formatting, and publishing for you. Find out more about our custom book promotion. Need a Publisher? Contact us today!

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Collectively, our award winning film crew has over thirty years experience in the industry.

Allow us to help take your concept from script to screen.

We can assist in all of your pre-production, production, and post production needs.

We will lead the project through the scriptwriting process, create a schedule for shooting, assist in selecting your cast and crew, film your production, and work with you throughout the editing process to ensure your masterpiece is what you envisioned.


In addition to our publishing and film production services, LV Media offers a series of additional services that include but are not limited to: 

  • Web Design

  • Business Cards

  • Copywrite

  • Business Incorporation

  • Business Plans

  • Media Kits

Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

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