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Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids: A Bedtime Story By Prince-Amary Smith

Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids: A Bedtime Story By Prince-Amary Smith is a new book dedicated to creating a sense of purpose for kids and parents with reassurance from the Bible.

The 56-page book aims to ensure kids get the best out of life by eliminating uncertainty, low self-esteem, and fear at a very young age. The author understands that affirmations are the foundation of confidence. With each page, parents and children who will read Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids: A Bedtime Story will get reassurances from the Bible to prepare them for a great life. Parents and children will derive joy with each page, and it will also bring them together, forming a bond between them and giving kids that boost of confidence they need in life.

Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids is part of Dashna’s goal to make a difference in the world one life at a time. The dental professional, entrepreneur, traveler, blogger, and event planner from New Jersey has her own blog, Unfiltered Soles, where she shares personal tips and her journey through motherhood and entrepreneurship. Her passion for life and the ability to overcome challenges has propelled her into the successful entrepreneur she is today. She is now focused on encouraging others to do the same. As an avid traveler, Dashna also creates time for humanitarian services, and she travels yearly to Haiti – the land of her birth, where she helps Haitians with dental hygiene. 

Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids: A Bedtime Story was written by Dashna Compere with her son, Prince-Amary Smith (IG: @theonlyprince2021_) cited as the author. The kids’ book is currently available for sale in Paperback on Amazon.


Visit her social media handle -@unfilteredsoles, where she shares more on her entrepreneurial and motherhood journey.

Please click for the  Out On The Front Lines interview with Dashna Compere. Host Lester Greene sits with Dashna as she shares her son’s (Prince Amary Smith) book Ten Affirmation Verses for Kids - A Bedtime Story. Dashna also talks about her family upbringing, her spirituality, and more.

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