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Interview with Evan Alex

Evan Alex had an opportunity to work alongside some really big names and even got the opportunity to do some of his own stunts! How cool is that? LV Media readers please enjoy our one on one exclusive interview with The Eight Wonder himself, Mr. Evan Alex.

LVM: Hi Super Evan Alex! How are you?

Evan Alex: Hi Ivory (laughing) I’m great, thank you for asking.

LVM: Evan, Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me today. You’re on fire right now young man! “US" is doing incredibly well at the Box Office! We really appreciate you gracing the May issue of LV Magazine Kids.

Evan Alex: Thank you all for having me, I appreciate it and yes the movie is doing really great! I’m honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast of people.

LVM: Yes, I can only imagine. It must have been an amazing experience! How long have you been acting? What was your first professional acting gig?

Evan Alex: I have been acting for three years. My first acting job was being a photo double for Lonnie Chavis on a USC short film with Ashton Sanders directed by Rayka Zehtabchi. She actually won a short film, Oscar, this year which is really cool.

LVM: What do you enjoy the most about being an actor?

Evan Alex: I like being able to be different people and pretend what it would be like to be them and do the things that they do. It's really cool because you get to make up these stories and then be the character.

LVM: I agree, that’s the joy of acting! What actors/actresses do you admire in the industry?

Evan Alex: Will Smith for sure! Jordan, Lupita, Winston, and Shahadi, Michael B. Jordan and Samuel L. Jackson because he’s in everything!

LVM: (laughter) Yes!!! Samuel L. Jackson is indeed everything! We have that in common because he's my absolute favorite! So, how was it working alongside Jordan Peele, in the Box Office smash “US"?

Evan Alex: It was really fun. He's really nice and he really listens to you. He doesn’t just say “oh well you're just a kid so I'm not going to pay attention to what you have to say.” He actually listens to our opinions and if we give good suggestions then he uses them. And when I ask questions about why he does something a certain way or how he does something, he always would tell me.

LVM: What was the most challenging part about your role as “Jason Wilson"?

Evan Alex: The language because I'm not allowed to cuss in the scene where I hurt somebody. I was really nervous about that scene but Jordan explained how it would work and that I was doing it to protect my family so it wasn’t as scary. I practiced with the stunt coordinator so I wouldn’t hurt the other actor.

LVM: Is this the first time you had to play two characters in a single movie? Would you be interested in doing it again?

Evan Alex: Yes and yes I would do it again because those are actually some of my favorite types of movies like in Spider-man.

LVM: How was it playing Lupita's Son?

Evan Alex: It was really fun to play Lupita's son. When Jordan told me Nakia was going to be my mom and M'Baku was going to be my dad, I think I jumped up and down because I'm a really big fan of Marvel and DC and I had seen Black Panther. At first, I was really nervous about meeting her because I know she's a really good actor and she won an Oscar but when I met her she was really nice. Sometimes we would have lunch together and on our day off I asked her if she would go to the Boardwalk with us, and she did.

LVM: Oh wow, that’s so awesome! Lupita seems to be a very sweet person.

Evan Alex: Yes, she’s really cool and down to earth

LVM: That’s great! Well, what activities do you enjoy when you’re not working on a film project?

Evan Alex: I like reading comics, building Legos, riding my scooter, and playing basketball with my brother.

LVM: What future projects should LV Magazine Kids reader's be on the lookout for?

Evan Alex: I hope to become one of the youngest directors ever to get an Oscar. I want to direct movies like horror, comedy, and drama so I hope they will follow me and watch for me to make some of my own movies soon.

LVM: You’re going to be an amazing Film Director Evan! LV Magazine Kid’s will definitely follow your career!

Evan Alex: Thank you

LVM: You’re welcome, What advice do you have for aspiring child actors and actresses?

Evan Alex: Just to never give up and always believe in yourself and to always chase after your dreams even if other people tell you that you can't do something or that you can’t be what you want to be.


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