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Singing prodigy 6th grader Bri'Anna “Bri” Harper

Bri'Anna “Bri” Harper is a 6th grader from Chesapeake, Virginia. Bri'Anna's adult-sized voice captured attention worldwide when a song she posted on all major media platforms went viral. As a result, in October of 2018, Bri’Anna was a special guest on The Ellen DeGeneres show singing that very song, the Jackson 5’s cover tune “Who’s Loving You.” After appearing on Ellen, Bri’Anna was awarded a certificate of recognition for her outstanding achievement by Chesapeake City Mayor Rick West. Her musical influences include Aretha Franklin, Bri'anna's mother Eboni, her Aunt Princess, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Tori Kelly, and of course the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. Bri’Anna is signed with music Mogul and legend Michael Bivins’ music label SportyRich Entertainment. Her first debut single with label entitled “Fresh” featuring Ne-Yo, Dougie Fresh, and DJ A-Eazy will be released Spring/Summer 2020. She loves old school music and indeed has an old soul. Please be on the lookout for Bri’Anna in our next issue of LV Magazine kids.

Kid Singer Bri’Anna Harper Wows with Her Jackson 5 Cover!

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Jermaine R. Morton
Jermaine R. Morton
29. Mai 2020

Wow she was great, very strong voice. It’s gonna get better and better as she gets older.

Gefällt mir
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