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Relationship Podcasters announce new book designed to help couples grow ‘Rich Relationships’

Gil and Renée Beavers’ new anthology ‘Rich Relationships’ is slated for release this fall.

Fort Worth TX — October 7.2020 — The pair behind a popular podcast and mobile app centered on helping couples heal their marriages is now releasing a new book. Gil and Renée Beavers of the popular “Rich Relationships” podcast plan to release the book “ Rich Relationships: Our Marital CODE To ONENESS” this October. The Anthology Project from Rich Relationships was written by Gil and Renée along with 17 couples and 2 subject experts. 

Many marriages end in divorce because couples are ill-equipped to cope with the realities of marriage and don’t know where to go for guidance. In addition, individuals in minority communities do not often seek premarital counseling and marriage therapy.

“We’ve found there is a stigma attached to asking for outside help in many of our communities,” Renée said. “Our work is focused on removing that stigma by sharing the stories of real couples who reached out from a place of hurt to get help and healing.”

Gil and Renée drew from more than 15 years counseling clients through marital troubles to create a powerful book they hope will inform, inspire, and empower other couples to stay together.

“We can’t wait to share these 17 powerful stories of triumph over relationship adversity with readers everywhere,” Renee said.

The Rich Relationships project is more than a book, podcast, and app. It's a community where couples can go for support, gain new tools, and have healthy accountability. Through Rich Relationships, Renée and Gil have been introducing the world to healthy relationship practices via TV and radio interviews on CBS, NBC, TBN, Atlanta Live, HOT 108 FM, and Blog Talk Radio, and others. Renée has also been featured in Huffington Post and LV & Sheen Magazine. Learn more about Rich Relationships at

Gil & Renée are available for the following platforms and venues: Conference Panel Discussion Magazine Interviews Television Interviews Radio Interviews Newspaper Interviews To download our press kit, please go to our website under “Book Renee." For bookings, send your request  or call our team 404-936-1642 Preview YouTube video TBN Joy in our Town Renee & Zac TN Jy n our Town Renee & Zach


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