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Reem’o Meerak

Filmmaker, TV Producer, Videographer, and Content Creator

He likes going by “Chef Reem’o” because of what he cooks up with his brand of creativity. Inspired by one of his favorite ball players Steph Curry.

Does Reem’o Journey Ever Stop?

Kareem "Reem'o Meerak" Tyson, an Afro-American/Caribbean Male from Laurelton, Queens (Currently in Harlem). He’s an educator for New York City Department Of Education, Videographer, multi-award-winning TV Producer, Independent Actor (2007-present), Media Personality of TV/Radio (Podcast, 2012-Present), A&R for a music publishing label, and a semi-pro GAMER🎮 (2019-present).

Kareem “Reem’o Meerak” Tyson has improved with his brand as a media personality, as well as transitioned into filmmaking and Television Production. One of his main platforms; “ReemTV” (Which Ended their Final Season in January 2020) won multiple awards at film festivals and is known within the Hip Hop/ Independent industry. He returned to podcast radio in February 2018 (City Rok Radio), and currently curated his own podcast in November 2019 called, “The Reem’o Merak”.

About to Cover a Story

September 2019, he became a media correspondent for Floss Magazine.

2018 and 2019 were tremendous boost-years for the brand. He won his 2nd Award at the Public Access Media Awards for Best Arts & Entertainment Show, Cover feature for September/October Issue of That Splash magazine, featured on website, and his Videography work was accredited on one of New York’s Mainstream Radio Station YouTube page (Hot97 FM), video recap he created was featured in 2018 New York Fashion Week (@therealsbfashionweek IG Page), and his Media Production Brand; The Meerak Brand Productions (TMBP) becoming highly requested for media coverage of top quality events and industry-standard projects. November 2018, he launched his official website; ReemoMeerak.Com where his Videography work, and produced are displayed for his supporters. Also, he wants to return to acting because he feels there’s “unfinished business” left behind from transitioning into the media industry. Also, produced a Hot97 NY-FM show that is displayed on their YouTube channel called; “We Got Game” which is hosted by Hip Hop Gamer, and has his own section in FlossMagazine.Com called; “Reem’o C.U.T.S.” which stands for Culture x Urban x Technology x Sports is a content-based platform where Reem’o goes nationwide or around the world to speak to many creatives about their journeys and creations. The next level for the “Reem’o Meerak” Brand is to solidify his BRAND as a household industry name and have his company be a solid, yet quality media production brand in the entertainment industry, as well as speaking on panels to encourage and guide future youth creatives.

He’s the Executive Producer/Co-Director/Actor for upcoming TV Show, “Behind The Camera”, and his other passion is Video Games (recently 2016 on PS4) for expanding his fan base, and creatively to add towards his brand.

January 2020, became the A&R for Worldwide Soundz Records.

February 2020, selected for media coverage at SXSW

Currently, I played for his first major tournament on a mainstream stage for EA Sports Madden Tournament at Microsoft Store NYC in January 2020, as well as to compete in a Media Platform Exhibition of NYC’s top media platforms will battle it out in Gaming.

Instagram/Twitter: @therugersprayyyyyer

(A&R/Media Page ) or @reemoapproved (Official IG PAGE)


Links of Guest Appearances & PODCAST:

The Junk and Jam Podcast - January 2019

Not For Everybody Podcast - July 2019

The Reem’o Meerak - NOVEMBER 2019 to Present

Ghostman Radio (UK) - January 2020

Nick Bestany’s Celebrity Tea - February 2020


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