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Abstract and Contemporary Artist Mimmo Scali

Mimmo Scali is an abstract and contemporary artist. He was born in 1987 in Montreal, Quebec. He became interested in visual art and started painting from an early age. Diagnosed at 12 years of dyschromatopsia, an abnormality of vision affecting the perception of colors, he nevertheless continued to explore this world of colors, which for him is synonymous with life, spontaneity, passion and happiness.

To appreciate Mimmo Scali’s work, you have to love colors. Not the colors that tell, or the colors that illustrate or represent, but the colors that express emotions, the colors that immediately attract or repel us, without the need to verbalize our feelings. Are his paintings abstract, or is it a dive into the perception of our emotions in front of them? Everyone will have their own idea. They are in any case the representation of individual and personal experiences.


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