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Exclusive Interview With The Stunning Model And Actress Lucky Ray

By: International LV Media Journalist and Writer


Today, we have the renowned and beautiful model Lucky Ray with us talking about her life and sharing her insights on modeling and acting career. She started her career 3 years ago and has come a long way. Lucky Ray has turned her dreams into reality as she opened up about her journey towards success and a lot more. Hear it from the pretty “Lucky Ray” herself.

Sanjana: Hello Lucky Ray, first and foremost you were amazing in the film "The Caul" How did you get involved in acting and modeling?

Lucky Ray: Seeing myself on TV has been my dream since I was 7. Watching That’s So Raven, I always would vision myself as Raven in every episode. Acting has always been involved in myself, I started off as a theater kid, performing on stages. My High-school was performing art. But then TV/ Film was something I saw myself doing more in. You know like how every girl dreams to see herself in a magazine. So I started modeling about 3 years ago with the intention of making my dreams come true. I always had an eye for fashion as well. So being able to rock designer clothes on a runway or telling a story within a still picture made me love the art of modeling. The good thing is stepping into modeling has helped me a lot with embracing who I am and having so much confidence in myself. Speaking of modeling, a big Shout out to Maseo Photographer, he has been a major asset in my modeling career. He Helped me start my modeling portfolio with amazing shots. He shot my very first headshot for acting to get me involved with talent agencies. He’s a dope Photographer that’s based in Chicago. Much Love to him! So this is how it all started.

Sanjana: Awesome. What was your first break? How many acting gigs have you done so far?

Lucky Ray: I had participated in many plays, like Midsummers Night Dream by Shakespeare where I played “Snug the Lion”. All My Sons by Arthur Miller, and I was Lydia in that play. And there are actually several more. I would call them my “Acting gigs”. My first Tv and Film role, in other words, my first break would have to be The Caul, which is my first indie film. I was the Lead Actress in that film. I have also done like background extras for The Beats Netflix Film and Empire Tv Show.

Sanjana: I've read that you do a lot of theater. In all how many roles have you done and are you satisfied with them?

Lucky Ray: I have performed a lot of roles so far, like Lydia, She was a woman in a play who was so giggled and happy, I was the character that brought light to dramatic moments and I was very satisfied with that role because that’s me in real life. I’m the light and can make anyone’s day better. I know how to make someone smile when they’re having a horrible day. So I loved playing that role. Oh, being Snug The Lion, was a challenge for me because learning how to act Shakespeare is difficult but I got the hang of it. I liked playing that role because of the costume, of course. I was a lion!! I had a big lion fur head. Too cute. Another role I had fun doing was being an ensemble in the play Sisters Act 1. I performed plenty of roles throughout the show, like being a dancer, Bartender, and a homeless person. I really didn’t have speaking lines in Sisters Act but had to act through my body language and facial expressions had to be on point. But I can say, I wasn’t satisfied with what role I was playing because I really wanted the main character which was Deloris aka Whoopi Goldberg. But I totally understood why I didn’t get the role. I wasn’t prepared enough and didn’t really give it my all in the audition process for the role. But always got to learn from your mistakes and keep it moving.

Sanjana: How different is it to act in a movie vs modeling live?

Lucky Ray: Acting is totally different from modeling in so many ways but they do share some traits. Like with modeling you don’t really have to memorize so many lines. With acting, you have to keep rehearsing lines again and again before you get in front of a camera or on stage. I get more paranoid when I perform or act than modeling in shows because in modeling, you basically just have to strike the runway and embody what the designers put on you. But what I can say is you have to have confidence in acting and modeling live, because without it, you are gonna doubt yourself and you won’t be able to give you all like how you visioned yourself doing. Moreover, I also do print commercial work. I was a model for an International clothing store “Roots”, but I modeled for the one in Chicago. I had to do a commercial for them, I wasn’t just modeling in their clothes, I had speaking lines to memorize as well. People be thinking models just take photos and have runway shows, don’t have to prepare lines, etc. but if you just want to model, I would consider you to take some acting classes as well because you will surely be acting sooner or later.

Sanjana: Tell us about an area in which you would like to improve as an actress?

Lucky Ray: The only improvement I think as an actress I need is to stop being so hard on myself because I know I have got the potential but as I get so in my head and when it’s time to audition for roles my agent sends me, sometimes I would blank out or stumble on my lines in the audition room, then I lose confidence and doubt myself. Like I know my lines, I always do. I’m good at memorizing lines. Hence, for now on I got to learn to stop thinking so much and leave everything out the door when it’s time for me to audition. Because acting is my passion and I’m getting tired of being so close to seeing myself on TV but not getting the role because I mess up on the stuff I already prepared for.

Sanjana: Which has been your favorite character that you have performed?

Lucky Ray: My favorite character that I performed would have to be “Luella” because I was the main character and I got to talk in a Southern accent. Also, that was my first time with so many lines and seeing myself on the big screens recently in New Jersey Movie Theater “Bow Tie” made me realize even more that I really want this. Also, I got to run in the woods and fake fall, which actually turned out to look natural.

A scene from the film "The Caul"

Sanjana: What are your strong points as an actress?

Lucky Ray: My strong points as an actress are reciting dramatic monologues, amazing facial expressions in comedy/drama, and memorizing my lines.

Sanjana: What have you learned from the directors that you have worked with throughout your career?

Lucky Ray: What I learned from directors throughout my career so far is to remember to always have fun when you’re on set or on stage, don’t try to act, just let it flow and let it come naturally. Which means be yourself, even when you are playing someone totally different from you. I can’t really explain but I totally understood where they were coming from.

Sanjana: What have you learned from your favorite actress and modeling?

Lucky Ray: What I learned from my favorite actress, who is, by the way, Taraji P. Henson, is to never get distracted and don’t be scared of creating your own opportunities. She gave me the push to finish the play I was writing to become a creative director and to direct my own plays, etc. I just love her, Taraji inspires me so much. One of my favorite quotes from her is “If you listen to people, you won’t live”. Like who cares what the naysayers might say, cause at the end of the day your biggest supporter is you, just go out there and do it all.

Sanjanae: Yes, this is so true, and Taraji P. Henson is a lovely actress. Lucky Ray, it was a joy speaking with you. Lastly, are you working on any current projects?

Lucky Ray: Yes, currently, I am working on other projects as well, such as filming my first Short film with me as being the writer/ Director of it which will be coming out on YouTube, Spotify, etc. in 2020, it’s called “It’s okay, not to be okay” based on some true events in my life. Also, I’m a poet and I got some dope stuff coming with me filming my spoken words through acting, instead of just reciting it on stage at open mics and features shows. One of my Spoken Words called “Look At Me” will be presented to the world in 2020 and I’m praying on a good turnout of support on this project so, stay tuned. Wow, 2020 will be about me coming even harder with my craft, gonna be more focused. Gonna be kinda hard because I have to get back to college, but hey it’s always about the organization and being prepared. Not to forget, I’m all set to enter into the world of entrepreneurship as I have another exciting news of the launch of my own clothing line ‘Lucky Seven,’ so I got this and ready to take on the challenges. 2020 is definitely my year, ya feel me. Anyway, thanks so much for having me!

I wish this multi-talented model and actress all the best for her future. Hope you all enjoyed reading our exclusive interview with Lucky Ray.

- Sanjana

A scene from the film "The Caul," starring Lucky Ray.

A scene from the film "The Caul" starring Luck Ray

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Thank you so much for Interviewing me. Such nice people and great questions to answer.

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