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Artist Spotlight Princess Keira

Singer 🌻song writer🌻Dope Soul💫

On January 07, 1991, the earth welcomed a Dope Soul named Princess Keira Warlington. Hailing from Richmond, Va, Princess used her music gift to inspire others and soothe the soul during the most profoundly soulful and spiritual points in life. In 2009, Princess graduated from George Wythe High School and continued to flourish musically. Princess also comes from a musical family, including her niece Bri'Anna Harper and her sister E'boni Lomax Harper. This talented R&B singer and fierce pianist released her new single "Moon and Back" in October 2020, and she's now writing and producing her first album, releasing this year. Princess's new single "Moon and Back" is now available on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon Music.

On behalf of the entire LV Magazine Team, we would like to give this beautiful, talented artist a very Happy Birthday!!!


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