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CEO OF Cyber Brand, Life Vision, Josiah Parker.

Parker stars in the upcoming film "I'm Ready." Josiah is the CEO of my Cyber brand, Life Vision. The company's goal is to IDENTIFY, DETECT, PROTECT, RESPOND, AND RECOVER data to bring more access to the world through the usage of my Player 1-5 concept. He created the brand to offer better health, better connectivity, better relationships, better ingenuity, and better accountability. He's also the host of my TV Network, JPTVshow, where he will be providing a mixture of entertainment and spiritual knowledge. Be on the lookout for Josiah's full story in the next issue of LV Magazine.

Personal IG: @josiahp_

Personal Twitter: @yrnjoey_

Clothing brand IG: @lifevisionclothing

TV Network IG: @jptvshownetwork


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